Office Name Company
President Carmelo Marafioti Infor
President Elect Sara Gragg Kansas State Olathe
Past President Julie Medley Richardson Milling
Secretary Deanna Scheff USDA
Student Liaison Londa Nwadike Kansas State Olathe
Web Editor Ib Elandaloussi Burns & McDonnell
Director at Large Randy Bird Matsutani America/ADM
Director at Large Shelly Stegner Associated Wholesale Grocers
Director at Large Brett Bond Lab Support
Treasurer Jessica Briggs Corbion
Co-Treasurer Paula Bahr Dupont

Position Descriptions

President Elect – Elected Position
Responsibilities include:
Maintaining continuity of section programming as program committee chair
Assist in coordination of monthly meetings
Opportunity to attend National Section Leadership Forum as section representative at Annual IFT Meeting
Perform any additional duties as assigned by the President
Succeed the chair after their term, becoming President next year, continuing to Past President
TERM: 3 years with title changes – 1st yr President-Elect, 2nd yr President, 3rd yr. Past President

Secretary – Elected Position
Responsibilities include:
Maintaining records of the proceedings for the section
Ensure minutes are taken at every meeting and sent out to all board members
Prepare required documents (ballots, reports, etc) as assigned
Prepare Annual Report due June/July
TERM: 1 year

Director-At-Large (3) – Elected Position
Responsibilities include:
Represent the general membership on issues of interest or concern relative to KCIFT
Attend the Executive meetings and participate in activities throughout the year
TERM: 3 years

Co-Treasurer– Appointed Position
Responsibilities include:
Collect monies due the section
Disburse funds owed by section
Keep complete and accurate records of income and expenses
Report financial information to federal and state IRS agencies
Prepare and submit Annual Financial Report
TERM: 3 years

Student Liaison Leader – Appointed Position
Responsibilities include:
Build relationships with students in the Food Industry
Assist in getting student groups to the KCIFT meetings
Invite students to apply for KCIFT scholarships and determine winners of scholarships
Coordinate any other student activities
TERM: 1 year

Web Editor – Appointed Position
Responsibilities include:
Keep the KCIFT web page and social media up to date with current and future activities
Manage and maintain the member mailing distribution lists via MailChimp and set up E-vites for meetings via EventBrite
TERM: 1 year

Additional committee positions seeking volunteers include:
– Nominations Committee
– Finance Committee
– Audit Committee