Virtual Tour: K-State Food Safety Research and Service Laboratories

A tour of KSU food safety labs in Olathe exploring resources available for the food industry along with a panel discussion

Join us for a virtual tour of the Food Safety Research and Service Laboratories at KSU-Olathe followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Manreet Bhullar and Dr. Londa Nwadike. Opportunities to strengthen collaborations and services for the food industry in Kansas will be highlighted, specifically focused on enhancing produce safety and quality using ultraviolet light.

Discussion overview:

Foodborne illnesses have an enormous impact on human health, with significant outbreaks occurring due to contaminated fresh produce. The Bhullar Lab’s goal is to take a holistic approach to produce safety, investigating antimicrobial interventions at multiple points in production and post-harvest operations. The lab is currently partnering with industry experts to explore the use of ultraviolet light for disinfecting surface water and for post-harvest produce quality enhancement to address the critical needs of fresh produce growers in Kansas and Missouri.

To learn more about UV light’s potential applications in the produce supply chain, join us at the KC-IFT event on Feb 26th.

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